Where you can listen to Airplay40

  • Dubai

You can also hear the chart in Australia, the Phillipines, Dublin, Athens and on community stations in the UK. More on these stations soon.

Mainland Spain & Gibraltar
Mainland Spain

Central FM on the Costa del Sol
98.6 & 103.8fm and online at www.centralfm.com
Fridays from 8pm.

Ace FM in Alhaurin & Coin in mainland Spain
106.8fm and online at www.acefm.info
Sundays from 5pm.

On Radio One Mallorca
105.6fm and online at www.radioonemallorca.com -
Sundays from 4pm.

On Bay FM in Campo de Gibraltar
104.8fm and online at www.thebayfm.com -
Sundays from 4pm.

Canary Islands
Canary Islands

Coast FM in Tenerife & Gran Canaria
89.2 & 100.8fm and online at www.coastfmtenerife.com
Sundays from 4pm

UK Away FM in Lanzarote & Fuerteventura
89.2 & 100.8fm and online at www.ukawayfm.com
Saturdays from 4pm

Cyprus Radio Napa in Cyprus
106.3fm and online atwww.radionapa.net
Sundays from noon.
Oman & United Arab Emirates

HiFM in Oman
95.9fm and online atwww.hifmradio.com
Thursday's & Friday's from 4pm.

www.myexpatradio.com in Dubai
Online at www.myexpatradio.com
Sundays from 7pm.

Zante 88.6 Island FM in Zante
88.6fm and online at www.islandfm.gr -
Sundays from 8pm.

Energy FM in Malta
96.4fm and online at www.energyfm964.com -
Thursdays from 6pm.

89.7 The Bay in Malta
89.7fm and online at www.bay.com.mt -
Thursdays from 6pm.

Southend91 in Malta
91.1fm and online at www.southend91.com -
Thursdays from 6pm.

Sri Lanka
Malta 101.7 TNL Rocks in Sri Lanka
96.4fm and online at www.tnlrocks.com -
Thursdays from 6pm.
Malta 24/7 Music Radio in Singapore
96.4fm and online at www.247musicradio.com -
Sundays from 6pm.
Malta Hit 94 FM in Aruba
and online at www.hit94fm.com
New Zealand
New Zealand

Coast FM
On FM and online at www.coastfm.net.nz

Splash FM
87.6 MHz Onetangi – Waiheke Island & www.splashfm.co.nz

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Pulse 105 Somerset
105fm & online at www.pulseradio.org

Riviera FM Torbay
106.2fm & online at www.riviera.fm

Bay FM South Wales

Italy Radio Effedue
95.9fm and online at www.radioeffedue.com