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  • Dubai

You can also hear the chart in Australia, the Phillipines, Dublin, Athens and on community stations in the UK. More on these stations soon.

Mainland Spain & Gibraltar
Mainland Spain Central FM on the Costa del Sol
98.6 & 103.8fm and online at www.centralfm.com
Fridays from 8pm.

Ace FM in Alhaurin & Coin in mainland Spain
106.8fm and online at www.acefm.info
Sundays from 5pm.

On Radio One Mallorca
105.6fm and online at www.radioonemallorca.com
Sundays from 4pm.

On Bay FM in Campo de Gibraltar
104.8fm and online at www.thebayfm.com
Sundays from 4pm.

Canary Islands
Canary Islands Coast FM in Tenerife & Gran Canaria
89.2 & 100.8fm and online atwww.coastfmtenerife.com
Sundays from 4pm

UK Away FM in Lanzarote & Fuerteventura
89.2 & 100.8fm and online at www.ukawayfm.com
Saturdays from 4pm

Cyprus Radio Napa in Cyprus
106.3fm and online atwww.radionapa.net
Sundays from noon.
Oman & United Arab Emirates
Oman HiFM in Oman
95.9fm and online atwww.hifmradio.com
Thursday’s & Friday’s from 4pm.

www.myexpatradio.com in Dubai
Online at www.myexpatradio.com
Sundays from 7pm.

Zante 88.6 Island FM in Zante
88.6fm and online at www.islandfm.gr
Sundays from 8pm.
Malta Energy FM in Malta
96.4fm and online at www.energyfm964.com
Thursdays from 6pm.

89.7 The Bay in Malta
89.7fm and online at www.bay.com.mt
Thursdays from 6pm.

Southend91 in Malta
91.1fm and online at www.southend91.com
Thursdays from 6pm.

Sri Lanka
Malta 101.7 TNL Rocks in Sri Lanka
96.4fm and online at www.tnlrocks.com
Thursdays from 6pm.
Malta 24/7 Music Radio in Singapore
96.4fm and online at www.247musicradio.com
Sundays from 6pm.
Malta Hit 94 FM in Aruba
and online at www.hit94fm.com
New Zealand
New Zealand Coast FM
On FM and online at www.coastfm.net.nz

Splash FM
87.6 MHz Onetangi – Waiheke Island &www.splashfm.co.nz

United Kingdom
United Kingdom Pulse 105 Somerset
105fm & online at www.pulseradio.org

Riviera FM Torbay
106.2fm & online at www.riviera.fm

Bay FM South Wales

Italy Radio Effedue
95.9fm and online at www.radioeffedue.com



About Airplay40

Airplay40 is The top 40 singles as played on English language radio stations around the world. On radio stations in Spain, the Canary Islands, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Oman, Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Aruba.

See and buy to download the most popular songs that you are listening to on the radio, and see where your favourite song is in the chart.

Airplay40 is the countdown of airplay on English language radio across the globe.